请参阅 LDC&C养老基金简要计划说明(SPD) for a more detailed explanation of all of your pension benefits. 某些个人可能没有资格获得某些福利描述由于积分的数量或当最后工作. 


You can check your 养老金额度 and Hours Worked through MemberXG.  您也可以查看您的退休金年度报表. 在声明中, 选项1会显示你的积分总数, 选项2显示你的总工时. If these are not viable options, you can call the Benefits Office for assistance.


在一般情况下, you can only earn 养老金额度 by working in covered employment; however, 基金还在某些情况下向残疾成员和被征召到军队服役的成员提供养恤金信贷.

  • 1,000 hours or more in a calendar year = 1 养老金 Credit
  • 750 - 999学时= 3/4学分
  • 500 - 749小时- 1/2学分
  • 250 - 499小时= 1/4学分


You must be retirement age and vested to be entitled to any type of pension benefit from the Fund. 一般, your pension will only be paid as a monthly benefit. You can only receive a one-time lump sum payment if your monthly benefit is less than $200. 在成员申请领取养恤金之前,任何一笔总付款项的金额将不会计算.

你的养老金没有任何价值,直到你退休的年龄和有足够的养老金和兑现信用退休. We do not calculate the total value of your pension, just the monthly amount. This is not a 401K-type benefit plan; this is a defined benefit plan.

您只有在工作时数和获得学分的基础上,才有资格从本基金获得每月的福利, 而不是为你捐的钱. 您的退休金年度报表将显示您在正常退休年龄时每月退休金的价值, 假设你被授予. 这一数额可以因提前退休而减少, 税, 保险费, 配偶选择, 和合格的国内关系订单.

这不是一个简单的答案. It depends on where you work, what you do, how much you work, and how old you are.


在本基金管辖范围内,您作为劳动者或监管劳动者工作时,在达到法定退休年龄(60岁)之前,您不能继续领取养老金, 62, 或者65岁,这取决于你上次工作的时间.)

  • 法定退休年龄后, 你每月只能作为劳动者(或监督劳动者)工作39½小时,仍然可以领取养老金.
  • 70岁以后½, you can work as many hours as you want as a laborer and still receive your pension check.
  • 你可以在退休后不受限制地从事任何其他类型的工作(劳动或监督劳动者除外),而不影响你的养老金福利.
  • You can also work outside of the Fund’s jurisdiction without it affecting your pension benefit.
  • The Fund’s jurisdiction covers all of Ohio; Boone, 坎贝尔, and Kenton counties in Kentucky; and Belmont, 布鲁克, 以及西弗吉尼亚州的汉考克县.
For members falling under the 2018 Rules (see page 6 of your 养老社会民主党 for the “2018 Rules”), Working After 退休 Rules have been modified as follows: 
不管你的年龄, 你的每月退休金福利将被暂停任何一个月,在任何一个月,你的工作在40小时或以上的取消就业资格. 被取消就业资格意味着任何就业:
  • In an industry in which employees covered by the 养老金 Plan were employed and accrued benefits under the 养老金 Plan as a result of such employment at the time that the payment of benefits commenced or would have commenced if the employee had not remained in or returned to employment; and
  • In a trade or craft in which the employee was employed at any time under the 养老金 Plan or any other trade or craft by the 养老金 Plan; and
  • 在养老金计划所涵盖的地理区域内,在给付福利开始时或在雇员没有继续就业或重返工作岗位时将开始给付福利.

上述取消就业资格的定义包括与任何实体或个人的就业或自雇,但不限于加入工会的雇主或雇主. 任何监督执行取消雇用资格的雇员的雇员属于取消雇用资格的雇员.

养老金支票和直接存款凭证是在同一时间邮寄的——每个月的最后一个工作日. 然而, 由于邮政系统的延误, your pension check will not always be received on the same date every month. 如果你检查或代金券是“迟到”,” please do not call 万博manbetx客户端2.0 until after your mail runs on the 10th of the month. At that time, a stop pay can be requested for the check. Once our bank has confirmed a stop pay has been placed (usually within 24 hours), 然后万博manbetx客户端2.0会开出一张补发支票.

如果你选择将利益直接存入银行, the deposit should be at your bank the first business day (Monday through Friday, 不包括节假日). Please note: Certain banks hold the deposit for 24 hours before releasing payment. 如果你的福利没有及时存入银行, please contact 万博manbetx客户端2.0 as soon as possible to determine the issue.

If you have recently changed addresses (regardless of whether your check is mailed or deposited), 你必须尽快联系俄亥俄州劳工福利协会,更新你的地址. If the Benefits Office receives return mail on your behalf and we are unable to contact you, your pension benefit will be suspended until an updated address is submitted.

Make sure you update 万博manbetx客户端2.0 if your address changes. Updating your address at your Local does not change it at the Benefits Office. 要更新您的地址,您可以向福利办公室发送一张便条或地址变更卡,其中包括您的新地址, 社会安全号码, 和你的签名. You can also call the Benefits Office and update it over the phone (members only). If the Benefits Office receives return mail due to an incorrect address, 你的保险和养老金福利可能会被暂停.


会员可透过网上更新地址 MemberXG

你必须完成一份 直接存款授权书 并提交给福利办公室. 你也可以透过你的 MemberXG 账户. 你可以通过向俄亥俄州劳工福利公司提交书面申请,包括你的签名和社会安全号码来取消你的直接存款.

您可以随时更改您的扣缴税款,填写和发送一个新的联邦(W-4P) or 州扣缴形式 俄亥俄州劳工福利. 另外, if you want to cancel your state of Ohio tax withholding, 你必须向福利办公室提交一份书面申请,包括你的签名和社会安全号码.


你应在希望开始领取退休金前约90天提出申请,以便有足够的处理时间. You do not have to wait until you quit working to apply. 欲了解更多信息,请查看 申请过程. 

是的, 万博manbetx客户端2.0 offers benefit counseling to members. A representative from the Benefits Office will meet you at your Local Union hall. 在会上,福利顾问可以回答任何关于你的养老金或退休人员保险的问题, 以及, assist you with completing all of the necessary paperwork to get started. Simply call the Benefits Office to schedule an appointment.

No, unless you have been approved for a disability pension. 否则, 你需要至少53岁(或58岁), 但对于符合2018年规则的成员(有关2018年规则的更多信息,请参阅您的养老金社会发展基金的第6页)的年龄在62岁之前,并满足其他权利要求,以获得养老金福利. 有资格从最不发达国家领取残疾养恤金&C养老基金,你必须:

  • 被视为终身残疾(妨碍你成为建筑工人的一种状况),
  • 有10个养老金信用,然后呢
  • Work at least 250 hours in the year you become disabled or the year prior to your disability. 

No. Once you cash your first check, you are locked in at the option you elected.

是的, 如果你在开始领取养老金的时候有资格领取,你可以在退休后保留你的保险. 退休人员保险的费用取决于你拥有的养老金信贷的数量,以及你是否为你的配偶或受抚养的孩子提供保险. 一般, the more 养老金额度 you have, the cheaper the retiree insurance is.


是的. 如果你被授予, your spouse is entitled to a pension benefit upon your death, unless you have been married for less than one year at the date of your death. 

  • 如果你被授予 and retirement age at the time of your death, 你的配偶将有权享受每月的终身福利,在你死后的第一个月支付.
  • 如果你被授予 but not yet retirement age at the time of your death, 当你到了退休年龄时,你的配偶将有资格享受每月的终身福利. 另外, 你的配偶可以选择在你去世时获得一笔一次性付款,然后在你本应达到退休年龄时获得经精算扣除的每月终身福利.
  • If you have not been married for a year at the time of your death, your spouse would only be eligible for a lump sum benefit.

如果你退休了, 你和你的配偶都有资格申请保险, 如果你的遗孀在你去世时符合OLDC-OCA保险基金的条件,那么她将有权继续获得保险. If at anytime your spouse’s insurance was terminated prior to your death, they will not be eligible under the OLDC-OCA 保险 Fund. 如果你还没有退休, your widow will only be eligible for 36 months of COBRA coverage, assuming he/she was eligible for insurance at the time of your death.

如果你被授予, your beneficiary will receive a one-time lump sum benefit. 一般, 你的受益人将收到1美元,你所赚取的每一份养老金信用, 最高可达30学分. For members who do not have 500 or more hours at the $1.70 (May 1995), the lump sum benefit would be $500 per 养老金 Credit with a maximum of 25 credits.

俄亥俄州劳工福利政策是不告诉任何人(包括成员)谁被列为受益人. If you are unsure whom you have listed as beneficiaries, 请填写一张新的登记/受益人卡, 你可以在网上通过你的 MemberXG 账户. 如果你已经结婚至少一年, your spouse is automatically your beneficiary for pension benefits.

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